Friday, June 7, 2013

What's the plan?

Day 2 at the Big science communication summit has got me to think about what I'll do. That's the point of a conference right?

1. Make YouTube videos of research
I'll try and get researchers to do it, firstly by example, and also encourage things like dance your PhD. I think this is a great idea, well worth a try, if nothing else it'll build a pool of resources.

2. Encourage social media
I like the idea of having people do this on their own but supported and championed by our institutions. I'm not going to force a Uni twitter account, or change much what happens on our Facebook page etc, but find ways use social media the way it is designed. As a social network of interconnected things, not a forced, uncool activity for the sake of appearances.

3. Not let momentum in science communication fall. this includes me contributing to that from my institution. What I'd really like to start pushing for is a stronger representation of science communication in teaching and learning at University. There aren't many places that do this and I don't know why. I'll be thinking ,and talking with others, very seriously about programs in science based science communications. Program's for students, postgrads etc. there are standards we have to cover on this, and like it was said, every job that we apply for, will have some sort of communications role.

Interesting ideas to think about.
1. Viral media attempts. Inspired by the Baw Baw, this is pretty easy from physics. Astronomy is a bit of a gimme!
2. Science based Q&A-style show, or panel show. There are heaps of formats to choose from. The panel, Q&A, spicks and specks... This doesn't have to be a tv show by the way. Google+ hangout can be a format.
3. And y'know, heaps of other stuff!

Thanks heaps!

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