Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where are the other communicators?

Here's something I have always wondered. Why are there no law communications summits, or courses in finance communications, or blogs about philosophy communications? Why is it that only science communication is a thing?

I'm not complaining, obviously due to the fact the science communication is my job, but really, why is there no politics communication? Is science communication special? Is that a deluded question?

Why is there a need to communicate science. Are we that bad at science that we have to have people who are trained in telling others about it? Should we really have to celebrate scientists that are good at science communication? There are too many questions here, but I'm afraid I don't really understand, so I may as well ask more.

Communications is a thing, I get that, is science communication simply under that umbrella? If so then why do we separate ourselves from those conferences or faculties etc? We call ourselves science communicators which implies that we really do specialise in the communication of science and not other things. I would certainly not like to claim to be an expert on communications communication.

Being a science communicator for me, is a wonderful and fulfilling job. I love it. I have never worked so hard in my life, but also, have never enjoyed my work so much. I love my job. I get to walk the corridors of a world leading Physics School past some of the greatest minds I'll ever know, and talk with them about what they do, and I do absolutely consider it a privilege that my role is to then talk about their work to others.

But why is that my role? Why would I never meet someone who does my job for teachers, or for mechanics? (again, not complaining). Perhaps scientists are terrible at communicating. Or perhaps every other discipline hasn't thought of it yet, and we will start to see some music communicators or sculpture communicators. Or something else entirely.

Have I got this completely wrong?

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