Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Promoting Gravity

It's not news and I haven't seen it, but there was a movie released recently called Gravity. Great concept I guess, and from what I have heard, it's a suspense thriller, but hey, this isn't a review.

What caught my eye about this movie was the fact that there were some people (some of them in the movie, some of them not) on a press tour, doing interviews etc about the movie Gravity. The thing is in the lead up to the movie, when all these press interviews were happening...

I didn't know it was a movie!

So for me, all I saw was a couple of people like Sandra Bullock and Brian Cox promoting what I could only guess was the concept of gravity. This is a brilliant idea.!I was, to be honest, a little bit disappointed when I heard that there was a movie, because it means George Clooney wasn't promoting science, he was promoting a movie that has little science in it.

Nonetheless, what a completely brilliant idea. Let's get some movie stars promoting physical concepts and laws. We can continue with "Electromagnetism," "Latent Heat," The Bernoulli Effect," "Total Internal Reflection," Half-life Decay," "Newton's first." Then even move into other science disciplines like "Plate Tectonics," "Evolution", "Bonds...Ionic Bonds." I've even made a trailer for the upcoming blockbuster "Superconductors!"

Some of those concepts really do sound like good movies that I'd watch. So I'm going to go and do it. I'm going to create movie trailers for different physics concepts and perhaps they'll get picked up by the big studios and turned into feature films, and then we will have film stars promoting Physics concepts!

And here is my trailer for the movie Gravity.

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