Thursday, November 14, 2013

Science for poets part 1

I'm not much of a poet (I did Physics for a reason!), but if I was, this is what my poetry would look like.

The first one is from personal experience of a guy in the Army reserves who thought he was a bigshot. While doing pointless pushups, he asked what each of us do, all responses had something to do with being self-employed and utes, except mine. The line in the poem is verbatim. This little interaction is basically the moment I decided that I was not a good fit for the army.

Argument from silence is too often seen as Guilty until proven innocent. Think of the last time you heard on the news, "They were unavailable for comment" and the implication in that comment.

The third one, Ad hominem, basically means an attack on the person, not the argument. I wanted that one to be a quickfire set of insults, as insults sometimes are. Whenever someone resorts to ad hominem in any argument, you have essentially won!

Argument from authority
Wasting time and taking too long.
An ignorant order to hurry up and wait.
Move a car from here to there,
In the rain, 
And back.

Your two thin strips of authority,
Watered down by the rain.
Your orders and not mine.
I'm gonna walk away

Pushing the ground by an insignificant amount.
Immeasurably small use of orders.

Others working, driving, fixing
The punishment for that,
"Gimme 20"
Me I study Astrophysics...
"Huh, Whaddaya need an education for? 
Gimme 50"

Your two thin strips of authority
fortified by the walls
Give you no right to pretend.
I'm walking away

Argument from silence
No comment! 
But believe me.
No comment? 

Not here,
to say

you choose
I win, 
you lose

Ad hominem
Bad smell, wet towels,
Too short, glass house

Sarcasm, experts
Fuck you, that hurts

Insane, nasty
Not least and not lastly

Judgement, absurd
Stupid, bad word

Irrelevant, what a hack
Targetted personal attack 

Pathetic, ultimatum
It's just ad homenim

Shut up, there's more
Ugly stick, incredible bore

No legs, insults
naive, your fault

You're wrong, out of line
Your stuff's not as good as mine

Infantile, piece of crap
Deaf and blind, take that

Loser, laymen
It's just ad homenim

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